My phulka bread didn't bubble up!

There is an e-mail from Smita asking me why her phulka bread did not bubble up:
today i made phulka as mentioned in ur site
but they didnt come out well, they didnt bubble up.
Could u send some tips which will help me with tht
or exp some imp steps in it which i should keep inmind

thanks in advance
Hi Smita,
I am sorry if I could only find time to answer to your now. Well, the critical point of this recipe to make sure that they bubble up well, is the kneading process that will help to develop the gluten matrix that will catch the air bubbles that will form during this time.
The most efficient way to knead a dough is to pt it on a flour, cold surface, and work it in this motion:
1) Push the dough from the centre to the ball of dough, away from you.
2) Then, bring that flat portion of dough to the rest of it, turn it at 3 o'clock and repeat the first step, again and again, for about 10-20 minutes.
You will see some air bubbles form in the dough as you go. It will tell you that you are working your dough the right way.
Note that this kneading technique is used for all types of bread dough.
Then, make sure that your dough is rested well.
And finally, make sure not to work too much, your dough when rolling it down as it could make the air bubbles leak from the dough.
I hope this will help you.


  1. Anonymous said,

    thanks chef for ur suggestion
    it worked out
    the phulkas came out well

    With Regards
    Smitha Kohok

    on 25 September, 2008  

  2. xhtml coding said,

    Thanks chef for your tips

    on 11 October, 2008