Once again, pancake tuesday is upon us. I propose you a traditional recipe from my homeland of Brittany: "crepes de froment", sweet, wheat flour pancakes. Traditionaly they are eaten sweet as a dessert or snack. In Brittany (France) a pancake party usualy starts with savoury buckwheat pancake (crepes de blé noir or galettes bretonnes) and followed by sweet, wheat flour, crepes.

Recipe for 15 large pancakes or 20-22 small ones:
  • 250g stronghold flour.
  • 45g buckwheat flour.
  • 1 egg.
  • 120g sugar.
  • 120g melted butter.
  • 1/2 litre of milk.
  • a dash of calvados, brandy, dark rum or cointreau.

In a large bowl mix well all the dry ingredients. Add the egg and the melted butter. Stir this ingredients very well.

Then, start gradualy to stir in the milk and the alcohol.

Allow to rest at least for one hour at room temperature.

Using a non-stick pan, pour a small amount of batter and spread it all over the pan by tilting the pan a little bit. Cook them for abot 6 minutes on each side.

A great variety of fillings can accompany these crepes. From, sugar, honey to marple sirup, chocolate sauce, stewed apples, caramel au beurre sale, jam, marmalade, fruits and ice-cream or flambé. My all time favourite, has to be banana and bitter chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, uhmmm!!

"the good one ripes, the bad one rots"
Victor Hugo

Suitable for pregnant women and vegetarians. Contains lactose and gluten.