Sauce Grand-Veneur

There is a classic sauce recipe for large game. The sauce Grand-Veneur (huntsman's sauce) based on a sauce poivrade in which some game trimmings and strained marinade has been added to the bouillon and then finished with blood and red currant jelly.
Recipe for 3/4 litre of finished sauce:
  • 8 dl of sauce poivrade for large game*.
  • 2 tablespoons red currant jelly.
  • 1 dl double cream.
  • 1/2 dl game blood, preferably hare blood.
  • 1/2 dl of marinade.


Prepare a classic sauce poivrade for large game. Set it aside in a bain-marie.

Strain the marinade, dissolve the blood into it.

Dissolve the melted red currant jelly in the cream and add it to the sauce.

Just before serving add the blood/marinade mixture to the sauce, strain it, check the seasoning and set the finished sauce in a double-boiler.

Note that a sauce thickened with blood cannot boil once the blood has been added. The blood cooks at 55 degrees Celsius, above this temperature it will coagulate and leave lots of little lumps into the sauce.

* A sauce poivrade for large game is a sauce in which game trimmings and bones 100g/litre of bouillon have been added to the mirepoix. Meanwhile some of the marinade, in which the game has been left to tenderize, 3 dl/litre of beef or chicken bouillon, is added to the liquid used has a base for the sauce.

"A sauce.....adds something, really two things: a taste as well as the opportunity to think about how the thing was made. This is the same kind of pleasure we derive when we look at a painting; the eye is pleased, while the mind explores the aesthetic windings of a technique and a willed structure."

Raymond Sokolov

Contains gluten, dairies, sugars. Not suitable for pregnant women. Nut free.


  1. Thanks for this post - I had venison with sauce grand veneur today and wanted to know what it was!

    on 18 December, 2009  

  2. Unknown said,

    And I'm having the sane thing tonight for Christmas Eve dinner and was intrigued to what I was in store. Thank you.

    on 24 December, 2010