"Fresh from the sea"

The latest cookery publication by Gill and MacMillan is coming out on the 22nd of May. "Fresh from the sea" by Tv culinary show host and lecturer at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Colorno (Italy): Clodagh McKenna ; is the base for her new mission: bring back people to fish, dispel the bad memories of heavy, overcooked fish dishes that were looked as a kind of penance.

This book brings in a simple and nicely illustrated format, all the tools, basic knowledge about cooking fish and explains the different kinds of fish and shellfish and the fishing industry. It also, offers a wide variety of fish dishes for all occasions to the most fussy eaters as well as the gourmets.

I found "Fresh from the sea" interesting and well documented. Italian photographer Alberto Peroli's illustrations are pleasant to the eye and the recipes are simply and clearly described.

"Fresh from the sea" will be out on the 22nd of May 2009 in all good bookshops and at Buy fresh from the sea.


Chronic Neuropathic Pain

You will tell me, this post has nothing to do with food or cooking. In some ways it does. In this article I would like to tell you a little a bit about myself and a lot about a subject close to my heart: Chronic neuropathic pain.

This is why:

About three years ago I sustained an injury to my right shoulder during a pretty hectic dinner service. The place was pact and I was short staffed. Well a classic kitchen's scenario. From this injury I developed a condition called chronic neuropathic pain also known as chronic pain syndrome. The result of this condition leaves me with sharp, burning, stabbing pain sensations in my chest, shoulder, neck, arm and hand. I also have coordination and strength problems with my right hand as well as hyperalgaesia and numness in my arm and hand.

Not mentioning that it was the end of my career!

This is a condition that a lot of people do not know much about. But touch from 1.5 to 7% of the population. It is believed that:
  • 4.5 million people (1.5 percent) in the U.S
  • 3 million people (7.5 percent) in the United Kingdom
  • 2.5 million people (6.4 percent) in France
  • 3.5 million people (6.0 percent) in Germany
  • 2.1 million people (7.7 percent) in Spain
  • 120 000 people in Ireland.
suffer from chronic neuropathic pain. There are no cure for this condition but only pain management solutions for the sufferers.
If you wish to find out more about the condition I invite you to visit these few sites:
So, as I was following a pain management program in January I was told by a member of the pain unit team that the I.C.P.A and Pfizer had launch a writing competition asking chronic pain sufferer to describe what it was to live with the condition and the challenges that chronic pain brought to their life. The five winners, which I was a lucky one of them, had their story made into a short films by three young talented directors and were produced by Jim Sheridan.

The following movie is based on my story. It was directed by a young Irish and very talented director: Darren Thornton and produced by Antidote.
I hope that it will make you more aware about this condition. Enjoy the "movie".


Copyright Pfizer Healthcare Ltd

The other 2 winning stories can be found at: http://www.chronicpainireland.org/aboutus.asp

For help and support:
- Irish chronic pain association
- Chronic pain Australia
- American chronic pain association
- North American chronic pain association of Canada
- Pain concern