The Little Blue Cats

These are the cutest chocolate treats that I have ever come across. Les "mini chats bleus", (the mini blue cats).
They are the fruit of the imagination of the two elderly sisters that opened a sweetshop in 1912, in the little sea resort of Le Touquet in Normandie, France. The shop took the name of "Au chat bleu" (The Blue cat) after the couple of blue Persian cats that these two Ladies were used to have hanging the shop.
The shop strove through "La grande époque" of Le Touquet to finally establish itself at its present location rue St Jean in 1929.
Until 1939 , Le chat bleu kept pace with the wild heyday of Le Touquet. The delivery boy rode his bicycle through the woods, taking boxes of the renowned chocolates to the private villas and big hotels.
Today, the expression "faire un chat bleu" has become part of the tradition of Le Touquet for children and grownups alike. This mean that you don't need any reasons to give yourself a treat.
Those chocolates (on the pictures) are made of a fine creamy hazelnut filling in a sandwich between two layers of crunchy praliné, then covered with either dark, milk or white chocolate.
A really good mix!!!

If you ever go to France you will find them in four different towns and cities :

- Le Chat Bleu, 47bis, Rue St Jean, Le Touquet (Normandy)
- Le Chat Bleu, 3 Rue des Manneliers, Lille (Nord)
- Le Chat Bleu, 85 Boulevard Hausmann, Paris
- Le Chat Bleu, 5, Rue de Guénodet, Quimper (Britanny)