Pizza Dough

This recipe is for two pizza bases:

  • 500gr Flour Type 00
  • 325gr water
  • 20gr salt
  • 3gr active dry yeast or 10gr of baker's yeast
  • 10 cl Extra virgin olive oil

Mix the yeast with the water. Using a stand mixer, put the flour, salt and olive oil, set it on slow and add the water-yeast mix gradually and let it work for two minutes. Then set the mixer on fast for 5 minutes, and slow again for another 2 minutes.
Cover the dough and let it rise for 1 1/2 - 2 hours, or until it doubles in size. Punch it down and knead for 5 to 10 minutes. Form a ball, then cut it into 4-5 equal pieces.

Gently roll your dough into a small flat disc. Dust your pizza balls with flour, and store them under a damp towel, in a proofing tray, or under plastic wrap. This will prevent the outside of the ball from drying out and creating a crust, and becoming difficult to work with. The top of the pizza disc should be soft and silky.
Your pizza balls will need to rest for about an hour to become soft and elastic, so that they can be easily stretched into a thin crust pizza.
If you don't need your dough for more than an hour, refrigerate it until you are ready to start.

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