Sauce Chasseur

There a recipe for a classic sauce that is traditionally associated to a chicken dish: "chicken chasseur". This sauce is thicken with molecules as a brown roux is use in that purpose.
Recipe for 6 people:
  • 10g plain flour.
  • 10g butter.
  • 21/2 dl (1 cup) chicken or veal bouillon.
  • 1 tablespoon of good tomato paste.
  • 12 button mushrooms.
  • 2 shallots.
  • 1 dl (1/2 cup) good, dry, white wine.
  • 1 spoonful fresh chervil.
  • 1 spoonful fresh tarragon.
  • 1 spoonful fresh parsley.
  • 2 large ripe, tomatoes.
  • 30g butter to finish the sauce.


Wash thoroughly the mushrooms and the herbs. Finely sliced the mushrooms, finely chopped the shallots, peel, core and dice up the tomatoes and coarsely chopped the herbs. Set the lot aside.

Make a brown roux with the butter and flour, combining the two in a thick bottom pot and allowing to cook gently until it reaches the color required. Add the tomato paste. Pour in the bouillon and allow to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, skimming all along.

In a sauté pan, sautée the mushroom over high heat for 5 to 6 minutes, then add the shallots and sweat the lot for another minute. Cover the pot and reduce the heat and allow to gently cook for 5 minutes. Add in the wine, bring the lot to the boil and let it reduce by half.

Pour the thickened bouillon to the mushroom-wine mixture. Bring to a gentle simmer, cook for 6 to 7 minutes. Keep skimming the sauce.

To finish, add in the herbs and dices of tomatoes and the butter. Rectify the seasoning.

"in the orchestra of a great kitchen, the sauce chef is a soloist."

Fernand Point

Nut free, suitable for diabetic.