A Classic Approach to Sauces and Dishes Associations

As I wrote on my previous posts on sauces, a sauce is an accompaniment that will enhance or complement the main ingredient of a dish. I concocted this list of ingredients with the classic sauce accompaniment, accordingly to the way they are cooked.


Braised, deep-fried or pan-fried: Sweet and sour, Allemande, banquiere, beurre noisette, Breton, chaud-froid (chicken veloute), Scottish, Hungarian, ivory, meurette, ravigote, Soubise, supreme, tartar, Villeroi, sherry vinegar.

Ox tongue: Piquante (gherkins and vinegar), roman, tomato sauce.

Pig trotters: Devil's, mustard, Sainte-Menehould.

Braised sweetbreads: Albufera, aurore, chantilly, tarragon sauce, financiere, Foyot, Godard, Nantua, périgourdine, Régence.

Kidney, grilled or pan-fried: Beurre marchand de vin, madera sauce, Portuguese sauce, tyrolienne.

Veal head: Gribiche, mayonnaise, parsley sauce, tortue.

Vol au vents

Allemande sauce, banquiere, financiere, mariniere, normande, périgourdine, Soubise, supreme, Toulousaine and sherry sauce.


Cold dishes: Gribiche sauce, kiwi based sauce, mayonnaise, remoulade, verte (green sauce), Marie-Rose, Cocktail sauce.

Hot dishes: Americaine, prawn sauce, armoricaine, lobster sauce, Indian sauce, Nantua, Newburg, Victoria sauce, thermidor.


Garlic butter, Aioli, poulette sauce.

Feathered Game

Bread sauce, chaud-froid sauce (game stock, demi-glace, egg yolks, butter), moscovite, port wine sauce, salmis sauce.


Aniseed sauce (sweet and sour), dried cherries sauce, chaud-froid, game jus, Cumberland, sauce Grand-veneur, moscovite, Napolitan, Onion sauce, poor man's sauce, périgourdine, pignoles sauce, apple sauce (spiced apple marmelade), pepper sauce (poivrade), Reform sauce, roman, saupiquet (hare), smitane, Victoria (base of Espagnole sauce with port and redcurrant jelly).


Béhamel, white sauce, bolognaise, duxelle sauce, Mornay (bechamel with egg yolks and cheese).

Frog legs

Garlic butter, poulette (Allemande sauce+mushrooms, parsley and lemon juice), Aioli.


Shallot sauce, tartar, flavoured vinegar.

Fish roe

Brown butter, tartar sauce.


Asparagus: Batarde sauce, chantilly, maltaise, Pompadour, truffle sauce, vierge.

Boiled or steamed vegetables: Aioli (sharp garlic mayonnaise), melted butter, Gascogne butter, beurre mousseux (foamy butter), maitre d'hotel butter, brown butter, Allemande sauce, batarde sauce, béchamel sauce, white sauce, chantilly, hollandaise sauce, mikado sauce, Mornay sauce, mousseline sauce (hollandaise with with wipped cream), tomato sauce.

Cardoons: Lyonnaise sauce (onion, vinegar, white wine, demi-glace), marrow sauce.

Salads and raw vegetables: Anchovy dressing, dijonnaise sauce, cold indian sauce (mayonnaise with curry and chives), kiwi sauce, mayonnaise, horseraddish sauce, remoulade sauce, roquefort cheese sauce, russian sauce, verdurette sauce, vinaigrette, yoghurt sauce.

Beans: Tomato sauce, breton sauce, cream sauce.

Leeks: Vierge (butter, lemon, juice), vinaigrette.

Potatoes: Cottage cheese sauce, horseraddish sauce, tartar sauce, curry sauce, ketchup.

Green leaves: Flavoured oils, Rossini sauce, vinaigrette, flavoured vinegar.

Sauteed or braised vegetables: Bohemian sauce, Colbert sauce, cream sauce, Italian sauce (Bouillon, mushrooms, shallots, onions, tomatoes, dices of ham), poulette sauce, provencale sauce, Soubise sauce, supreme, tomato.


Mariniere (shallots, parsley, white wine and butter), poulette, ravigotte, Catalane, provencale.


Hard boiled and served hot (or Lukewarm): Allemande, aurore, béhamel, white sauce, duxelle sauce, Indian sauce (chicken or fish veloute with lemon juice and mace), lyonnaise, Mornay, Soubise, tomato.

Hard boiled, served cold: Aioli, mayonnaise, ravigote, remoulade, verte, vinaigrette, tartar.

Poached or 6minutes eggs: American, andalouse sauce, aurore sauce (white sauce with tomato), banquiere, bourguignone (Beef or chicken bouillon, mushrooms, onions, pork belly, roux), bretonne, chasseur, chaud-froid, Chivry, Choron (bearnaise with tomato fondue), cream sauce, cressoniere (with lambs lettuce), Scottish (Chicken consommé with madera wine, julienne of carrot, celery, leek and truffle) tarragon sauce, Hungarian, Indian, Ivory, matelote, meurette (bourguignonne sauce with croutons and lardons), marrow sauce, Mornay, Nantua, périgourdine, Portuguese, printaniere (spring sauce), provencale, rouennaise, royale, Soubise, supreme, venitienne, Hollandaise.

Omelets: Chasseur sauce, prawn sauce, madera wine sauce, normande, Reform, tomato, Worcestershire sauce.


Al fungi, al arrabita, pesto, bolognaise, duxelle sauce, financiere (espagnole, beef bouillon, Madera wine, truffle), ketchup, poulette, stufatu (Corsican meat (beef, game, pork belly) stew with tomatoes, onions and parsley), vinaigrette, alfredo, carbonara, tomato, napolitan.


Braised or baked fish: American, bourguignone, bonne femme, breton (Julienne of mushroom, leek and celery, fish veloute, white wine, creme fraiche), bourguignotte, cardinal, chambertin wine sauce, Chambord (for carp), prawn sauce, diplomate, crayfish sauce, genevoise sauce, genoese sauce, greek sauce, gooseberry sauce, Hungarian sauce, Italian, Joinville sauce(fish veloute with prawns, mushrooms, crayfish and truffle thickened wit egg yolks and cream), Laguipiere sauce (white wine sauce with truffles), matelote (for eel), meurette, normande, Newburg, Portuguese, Riche sauce (for sole, John Dory, turbot), rougail, tyrolyenne, veron, Victoria, white wine sauce, red wine sauce.

Deep-fried: Tartar, nuoc-mam, pekinoise (from Beijing), ketchup, raito.

Smoked fish: Cream sauce, Horseraddish sauce.

Grilled fish: Anchovy butter, gascogne butter, Bercy butter, flavoured oils, spicy oils, pissalat, batarde sauce, Beauharnais sauce, Choron, Colbert, Fennel sauce (for mackerels), Italian, marrow sauce, mustard sauce, Saint-Malo sauce (for ray, turbot and brill), tapenade, pesto, aioli.

Marinated fish: Escabeche sauce, Italian sauce, tomato sauce.

Fish cooked "meuniere" : Brown butter, Bonnefoy sauce.

Poached or steamed fish, served hot: Beurre blanc (pike, sanders), mousseux butter, brown butter, black butter (ray), Allemande sauce, anchovy sauce, batarde sauce, béchamel, Bercy sauce, white sauce (made with fish stock), brandade (mash potato, garlic and olive oil), caper sauce, chervil sauce, chaud-froid sauce, cream sauce, prawn sauce, red mojo, green curry sauce, Scottish sauce, egg sauce, francaise sauce, hollandaise, oyster sauce, indian sauce, maltaise, mariniere, Mornay, mussels sauce, mousseline sauce, mustard sauce, Nantua, oursinade (sea urshin sauce), parsley sauce, poulette, rouille (spicy mayonnaise), sabayon, sorrel sauce, Thermidor, tortue, truffle, venitienne sauce, waterfish (served hot).

Poached or steamed fish, served cold: Montpellier butter, aioli, anchovy sauce (served cold), cinghalaise, gribiche, La Varenne, mayonnaise, oriental sauce, sorrel sauce (served cold), ravigote, remoulade (mayonnaise with dijon mustard), russian sauce, tartar, tomato sauce, red mojo, verte sauce, vinaigrette, Vincent sauce, waterfish (served cold).

Quenelles (dumplings)

Aurore sauce, Nantua sauce, Soubise, tomato, Mornay.


Served hot: Chasseur sauce, Duxelle sauce, Indian, Mustard sauce, Richelieu sauce, tomato sauce.

Served cold: Mayonnaise, tartar, vinaigrette.


Lamb: Mint sauce, Reform sauce, jus.

Minced or boiled meat: Devil's sauce (sauce a la diable), minced sauce, Italian sauce, lyonnaise sauce, bread sauce, poor's man sauce, piquante sauce, Robert sauce, Verjus (wine made from unripe grappes) sauce.

Large cuts of meats for roasting or braising: Jus, cooking liquid (braised meat), Albert sauce (white veal bouillon with horseraddish, mustard, vinegar, thickened with bread crumbs and creme fraiche), English cream sauce (white veal consomme, roux, creme and mushroom essences), bread crumb sauce (shallots, ham, veal veloute, lemon juice, veal stock, bread crumb), Godard sauce, madera wine sauce, pepper sauce, Regence sauce, Richelieu sauce, russian sauce, sarladaise sauce, Tallayrand sauce.

Ham: Cumberland sauce, Madera wine sauce, saupiquet sauce, sherry sauce, Yorkshire sauce.

Mutton: Harrissa (maroccan chilli paste), Cumberland sauce, Indian sauce, onion sauce.

Small cuts of meat, served panfried or sauteed: Sweet and sour sauce, bearnaise, bordelaise, bourguignone, chasseur, roe-deer sauce, choron, duxelle sauce, tarragon sauce, financiere, hungarian, hussarde sauce, Italian, madera wine sauce, marrow sauce, perigourdine sauce, portuguese sauce, provencale, Talleyrand sauce, tomato, Valois, sherry wine sauce, zingara (paprika, mushroom, ham, demi-glaze, tomato).

Pork: nuoc-mam, sambal, sweet and sour sauce, charcutiere (veal stock, gherkins, vinegar, parsley), piquante, apple sauce, Robert sauce, Sainte-Menehould, sage sauce, Swedish sauce.

White meat: Aurore sauce, Breton sauce, cinghalaise sauce, cream sauce, tarragon sauce, hungarian sauce, Italian sauce, meurette, parsley sauce, romaine sauce (braised beef), Soubise, villageoise sauce, truffle sauce, zingara.

Cold meat: Aioli, anchovy butter, avocado sauce, Cambridge sauce, chaud-froid, dijonnaise sauce, mayonnaise, mousketeer sauce (mayonnaise with shallots cooked in white wine, meat glaze, cayenne pepper), horseraddish sauce, ravigote sauce (vinaigrette, tarragon, parsley, mixed herbs, chervil, onion and capers), remoulade sauce, tomato sauce.

Grilled meat: Anchovy butter, Bercy butter, Chivry butter, Colbert, oyster sauce, morel sauce, butter, bearnaise, choron sauce, Snail butter, Maitre d'hotel, marchand de vine sauce (sirloin), ravigote (served hot), barbecue sauce, Beauharnais sauce, Bonnefoy sauce, Bontemps, bordelaise sauce, Chateaubriand sauce, Colbert sauce, Foyot, harrissa, mustard sauce, paloise sauce, Robert sauce, sarladaise sauce, tyrolienne.

Crumbed and deep-fried meat: Tomato sauce, Villeroi sauce.

Crumbed and pan-fried meat: Devil's sauce, Sainte-menehould (onion, thyme, baie leaf, vinegar, white wine, mustard, demi-glace and gherkins), mustard sauce.


Braised: Albufera sauce (chicken velouté, chicken stock, creme fraiche, butter, pepper, veal stock), celery sauce, duxelle sauce, financiere sauce, Godard, onion sauce, piemontaise, provencale, Talleyrand, villageoise, sherry sauce.
Duck: Bigarade, chaud-froid, dodine sauce, apple sauce, rouennaise, Yorkshire, sweet and sour, soy sauce, cantonese sauce.
Goose: Apple sauce, sage sauce, Swedish sauce.
Poached or pan-fried dishes: Albufera sauce, allemande sauce, aurore sauce, cold avocado sauce, banquiere sauce, breton, chervil sauce, chantilly, chaud-froid, Chivry, cream sauce, Scottish, tarragon sauce, financiere sauce, mixed herbs sauce, Indian sauce, ivory sauce, mayonnaise, Mornay, Nantua, Perigueux, parsley sauce, printaniere, ravigote sauce, red mojo, Richelieu, royale, supreme, toulousaine, thai green curry, thai red curry, Indian curry, venitienne.
Grilled chicken: Bontemps sauce, Devil's sauce, paloise (bearnaise sauce in which the tarragon has been replaced by mint), Sainte-Menehould, tyrolienne.
Roast poultry: Sweet and sour sauce, cranbery sauce, English sauce, bread sauce, jus, gravy.
Sautéed poultry: Bourguignone, chasseur sauce, duxelle sauce, Hungarian sauce, Indian sauce, périgourdine, salmis sauce, zingara.
As I based myself on the conventional "Antonin Caremes sauce classification", my experience and training as well as some sauces that I've learned throughout my few years in kitchens working with chefs from all over the planete, this list is not repesentative of all the classic sauce-dishes association in the World. So, where ever you are, feel free to let me know of the traditional sauce-dishes association in your traditional gastronomy. I will make a point to add it to the list.