Ti punch

Ti punch is the traditional drink of the French Caribbean islands of La Martinique and La Guadeloupe as well as the other French island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. It consists of some sugar cane syrup with white rum (of la Martinique in the Caribbean and from La Réunion in the Indian Ocean) and some lime juice. More than a tradition, the Ti punch is a way of life, it has its rules, the house guest cannot drink his ti punch strait up, the drinker will look at his glass for some times before drinking it in a brisk movement of the wrist, etc. It is part of the daily life on these islands so, it is also part of the tradition to drink ti punch for Christmas.

This is the recipe from La Martinique:

In a tumbler glass, put 1 dash of sugar cane syrup, top it up with 2 dashes of Martinique rum and one squeeze of lime.

Now the recipe from La Réunion:

In a tumbler glass, put 1 dash of sugar cane syrup, add 2 dashes of white rum from la Réunion and squeeze a lime wedge into the glass to finish.

Enjoy with moderation!