Zakoutzki is the russian equivalent to the spanish tapas, and are close to the Scandinave smorgasbord and to a certain extend to the greek and lebanese mezze. It always consists of :
  • caviar and smoked fish eggs dressed on buttered brown bread,
  • crispy slices of rye bread stuffed with sauerkraut,
  • pirojki of various filling,
  • smoked and marinated fish : eel, sturgeon, salmon,
  • meat bowls,
  • herring paté,
  • stuffed eggs,
  • salads made of fish or chicken with potatoes or beetroot and mixed herbs,
  • large pickled gherkins,
  • marinated plums, mushrooms and beetroots,
  • some rye bread sented with cumin (caraway), onion or poppy seeds.
All that served with a good bottle of russian vodka.

Suitable for coeliacs (excepted the breads and piriojki), Vegetarian (all the vegetable dishes), nut free.