Around the World in 80 Traditional Christmas Dishes

s I just finished reading "Around the world in 80 days" , the book by Jules Verne, the idea came to me to make my own journey around the world -but in 80 dishes. As Christmas is just around the corner and as I was never a big fan of the traditional Christmas dinner I started to explore the web, my books, mailed my friends and family and foreign chefs who I have worked with and drew on my own experience, to gather together 80 traditional Christmas dishes from around the world.

These are classified by type and a link to each recipe follows their name.

If you want to share traditional Christmas recipes from your part of the world, bring some precisions or corrections to these recipes feel free to do so in your comments.
Enjoy and have a tasty and merry Christmas!


- Sorrel Punch, Jamaica here
- Ponche Crema, Venezuela here
- Atole, Mexico here
- Mulled Wine, U.K and Ireland here
- Gluhwein, Germany here
- Ponche de Navideno, Mexico here
- Ti Punch, French Caribbean Islands and La Réunion here


- Tamal, Peru here
- Roast Teriyaki Chicken Tights, Japan here
- Oyster stew, U.S.A here
- Irish Smoked Salmon platter, Ireland here
- Paté Créole, La Réunion, La Guadeloupe & La Martinique here
- Zakouski, Russia here
- Pirojki, Russia here
- Potage Congolais, R.D.Congo here
- Breton style Seafood Platter, Brittany, France here
- Terrine de Fois Gras, France here
- Oysters like in Brittany, France here
- Tahitian Marinated Fish, Tahiti here
- Halaszle, Hungary here
-Boudin Antillais, French Caribbean Islands and La Reunion here
-Piftie, Romania here
-Gravalax, Scandinavia here

Main Courses and Accompaniments

- Pasteles, Puerto Rico here
- Latkes, Israel here
-Irish Potato Stuffing, Ireland here
- Goan Fish Xacuti, India here
- Chayote Gratin, French Caribbean Islands, here
- Boudin Blanc with Carmelised Apples, France here
- Char Siu, China here
- Kiviak, Greenland here
- Kebbe Bil Sanieh, Lebanon here
- Lap Sine Gnoua, Laos here
- Mielie Pap, Namibia here
- Lumberjack Pie, U.S.A here
- Tiep Bou Dienn, Senegal here
- Grilled Spiny Lobster, La Réunion Island here
- Roast Goose with braised Red Cabbage, chestnut, ... Germany here
- Finish Roast Wild Duck, Finland here
- Maori Hangi, New Zealand here
- Polish Fried Carp, Poland here
- Jollof Rice, Nigeria here
- Roast Suckling Pig, Cyprus here
- Doro Wat, Ethiopia here
- Dinde aux Marrons, France here
- Roast Goose with Sour Apples, Russia here
- Pavo Trufado de Navidad, Spain here
- Nasi Kuning, Bali here
- Traditional Turkey and Ham, U.K and Ireland here

Desserts and sweets

- Yule Log, Canada here
- The 13 Christmas dessert of Provence, France here
- Scandinavian Julegrot, Scandinavia here
- Bohemian Christmas Cookies, Czech Republic here
- Japanese Christmas Cake, Japan here
- Puto Bumbong, Philippines here
- Assida Zgougou, Tunisia here
- Bebinca, India here
- Melomakarona, Greece here
- Kourambiedes, Greece here
- Colombian Bunuelos, Colombia here
- Natilla, Colombia here
- Makowiek, Poland here
- Rabanadas, Portugal here
- Turron, Spain here
- Mince Pies, U.K here
- Buche de Noel, France here
- Christmas Biscuits, South Africa here
- Sweet Potato Pie, U.S.A here
- Christmas Pudding, U.K here
- Anoushabour, Armenia here
- Boukete, Belgium here
- Prianiki, Russia here
- Lebkuchen, Germany here
- Payasa, India here
- Banketstaaf, Holland here


- Cougnolle, Belgium here
- Panettone, Italy here
- Lussekatter, Sweden here
- Weihnachtsstollen, Germany here
- Pan De Pascua, Chile here


  1. Lori Lynn said,

    What a fabulous compilation. I will use this again and again.

    Hope you and your family are enjoying the holidays Yann!

    on 27 December, 2008  

  2. Yann_Chef said,

    Thanks. I wish you and family a happy holiday season too.

    on 29 December, 2008  

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  4. dick said,

    I notice that you have the Pastelles recipe for Puerto Rico. One of my best friends is the daughter of a gourmet PR chef from years ago so I asked her about that recipe. She told me:

    I only see one very important ingredient missing: achiote/annato - the seeds are cooked in oil so that oil gets the taste and the color - this is then poured into the masa and the meat mixture.

    on 27 February, 2009  

  5. Yann_Chef said,

    The recipe that I was given by a Puerto rican friend of mine uses plantain and taro instead of the yucca as his family traditionally does. This is why he, in this recipe, do not use the achiote seed oil to cook the filling.

    on 12 March, 2009  

  6. Viji said,

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